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Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Bit of Stitching

I've had the chance to do a bit of stitching and finishing (not much so don't get too excited)! Also, there are some more shop models and customer finishes I want to share. First is a design by Rosewood Manor called "Flowers of Rosehall". This was stitched by Marilyn using the recommended Valdani silks!

Forgive me for not getting the designer of this next magnificent, pulled thread piece. The pattern calls for each block to be filled with a pulled thread stitch, but the teacher recommended, as seen here by Marilyn, to fill in every other block and finish the outside edge. This way, if the stitcher gets totally bored with all the blocks, they can at least do half of them and still have a very gorgeous piece! Don't you agree? I'm sorry about the picture rotation. I tried and tried to get it to face right side up, but Blogger is just fighting me! The other two photos are close ups of some of the pulled thread blocks.

Next are some ornaments sent back from my finisher. These were stitched by Pat. She and her husband went to Disney World with another couple and this is what she's giving them for Christmas! What a wonderful remembrance of their trip together.

Pat also stitched two of the Blackbird Designs stocking ornaments. Don't you think they turned out lovely?

This shop model was done by my fabulous "over one" stitcher friend, Kathy. She loves to stitch over one, so it was just a no-brainer that I asked her to do this "Stitch An Inch - Fall" from By The Bay Needleart.

Lastly, here's the design I stitched and finished. It is from Dames of the Needle called "Acorn Pillow Pocket". I loved stitching this and did have fun putting it together. It really was super easy.....I just used a blind stitch to join the wool, stuffed it, added the ruched ribbon and sewed the design to the top of the wool pillow.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are making some stitching progress in your neck of the woods!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

And A Forest Grew!

I have the most talented customers! Look what Pat brought in to show me today!! Unbelievable. This is "And A Forest Grew" designed by Rosewood Manor. It is stitched on 28 count Cashel and stitched over one linen thread. Totally incredible.

She still has a bit more stitching to do (and remove her basting threads), but wowie, this is gorgeous! Look at the fox and the little robins.

How about that deer?

Those trees!

The mama bird feeding her babies in the lower left and then toward the top, the owl in the tree.

The serpent in the tree of life.

Those little bunnies!

I love this design - always have. I love it even more now that I've seen it stitched over one!!! I think there is something to be said for over one stitching. The smallest of details really pop out. Thanks, Pat, for letting me showcase your masterpiece on my blog!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebration Midwest Part II

Similar to the needlework market, the vendors that attended the Celebration of Needlework show displayed banners over the railings inside the Embassy Suites hotel in St. Charles, MO. Here you can see a couple of them.

My neighbor on the one side was Kathy from Kay's Frames and on the other side of her (they had adjoining rooms) was Marj from Hinzeit. Of course, they are friends and you will see all of Hinzeit's designs in frames from Kay's Frames. Check out some of the Halloween designs and don't miss the skeleton on Last Stitch Cemetery!

Down the hall, in one of the corner rooms, was Rosewood Manor. Here is the designer, Karen (on the left) and her assistant, Lisa.

Don't you just love Barnwood Buttons?

The window cornice was the perfect place to hang her stockings!

Next up is Jeannette Douglas. Here she is standing in front of her designs. The nine small, framed designs on the wall are what I call her One, Two Three series. The official name of the series is Garden Secrets. In the display you will find One Key, Two Tulips, Three Bees, One Bird, etc. They look great framed as shown, or you could choose 4 of your favorites and stitch them over 1 to fit into a special little frame we have available.

Next is a not-so-great photo of My Story. Trust me, the design is exquisite!

And lastly, My Storybook. Jeannette stitched little motifs that represented her life on this design to add special meaning. It truly is a storybook of life. These designs continue to be popular sellers. They each have threadpacks which contain all the silks needed to stitch the design and My Storybook also has a separate charm pack. If you'd like to order either one, just send me an email!

I wish I had more photos to show you. There was an entire floor of vendors at this festival. It was stitcher's heaven! Please plan on attending next year at the same hotel. The dates are September 19-22, 2012. Call the hotel and make your reservation 636-946-5544. Mention that you're attending the Celebration of Needlework festival to get the special rate. Then, watch the Celebration website for registration details for 2012. Pass the word onto your friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Customer Finishes

A few weeks ago, my friend Marilyn stopped in to show me some of her recent finishes. The first picture below is of Jane Greenoff's Dragonfly Garden Hussif. Marilyn did all the finishing of the hussif herself. She chose to use a dangling charm as a weight to hold the hussif closed rather than make the linen wrap closure. I think it turned out beautifully! Click on the third photo to zoom in and see all the numbers that are stitched to represent needle sizes.

Marilyn also finished Spring Quakers by Rosewood Manor. She is a really fast stitcher! This was stitched with the Valdani threads on Picture This Plus linen in the color Valor. Another great finish!

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


Friday, October 8, 2010

Finish line!

Well, I am home from Market. The bags have been unpacked, the inventory entered into the computer system, Market items arranged on the table in the shop and then rearranged for stitch night. The website is up-to-date with items that arrived up to this past Wednesday. There are a few things that came in yesterday and today that need to be uploaded, but I feel good that finally the bulk of it is done. I love going to Market and seeing all the great new designs. I will share some of my favorites with you on my next post. Today, I want to showcase some customer finishes. They are incredible!

First up is Jill's "Eiffel Quaker" by Jardin Prive.

I first met Jill about a year ago when she came into the shop and purchased an Ink Circles design, "Cirque Des Carreaux". She would come in periodically after that and show me her progress. That piece is incredible and I will share the picture in another post. Jill is a big fan of Ink Circles and has several pieces in progress, such as "Cirque Des Cercles", below:

Cirque Des Cercles stitched on Lakeside Vintage Autumn Gold 32 count with base color thread of Caron Wildflowers in Fiesta - Wow! It pops!

Jill does nothing by the book. She has an eye for color and loves to try new threads and fabrics. She is also currently stitching Ink Circles "Alchemical Romance". Wait until you see what she's done with this one!

Then, this past Tuesday at stitch night, Carol brought in this outstanding finish! This is "The Witches Wheel" by Glendon Place.

She has just started adding the beads. Look closely at the top witch in the picture. You can see the green, purple and orange beads. They really add some color and dimension to the design. Wow! I can't wait to see this one finished!

Lastly, I have my own finish. I had ordered this Rainbow Butterfly kit with my Rosewood Manor automatic and it arrived a few days before I left for Market. Of course I had to slip one pin kit into my stitching bag! One evening at Market as Debbie and I sat entering items into the computer, we did a little FlyLady trick. We worked for 45 minutes and then stitched for 15. I almost finished the outline of the butterfly during the evening, for a total of about one hour. Here is the before pic:

The butterfly is stitched on 40 count silk gauze. You baste it to a piece of muslin, then cut away (carefully) the muslin, revealing the silk gauze. This gives you a stable base with which to mount the muslin in q-snaps or a hoop. As you only stitch a half stitch on 40 count silk gauze, it works up rather quickly. Each butterfly kit is unique as the beads, backing paper and silk threads are different in each kit. After filling in the butterfly wings with Dinky-Dyes overdyed silk, this is the result:

I was so excited to be finished with this pretty butterfly and to actually get to assemble it. I hastily, yet carefully, cut the muslin to fit the glass frame. I carefully counted and added the beads and dangle pieces to the pin. I sat back and admired it and was so proud of myself until I looked closely at the front of the little pin package and noticed something on Karen Kluba's models that was lacking on mine....I forgot to stitch the border! Oh yikes...I can't believe I left off the border! But, the silk gauze is cut and I'm not attempting to stitch on a 1-1/2" square of gauze so it will remain as is. I still think it's pretty and I can just tell everyone that I planned it that way. LOL.

Hope you all get to have a stitchy week!