Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas already!

I have a head-start on Christmas. My husband surprised me on Saturday evening by cooking dinner for me. When I got home, this was waiting for me on the table.

He also decided I needed some pampering (I've been asking for a while now - hint hint) and gave me a gift card to Jeffrey Lamorte Salon for a pedicure. Wow, what a salon. I haven't had a pedicure in a couple years and this was sure a welcome sight:

I walked in, gave my name, and Lindsay was waiting to take me back to the throne. The chair was awesome. You could recline the seat if you wanted and have the massage and heat going at the same time. I selected my polish color and soaked my feet for about 10 minutes before the pampering began. It was an awesome gift and I'm glad my DH let me have the treat before Christmas!

Friday night was a get-together with some stitching friends. I do exchange gifts with a couple friends. Here's what I got from Debbie:

It's a pretty bookmark with an initial charm. It's very beautiful and I hate to hide it away in a book. For now, it's hanging on the tree. Speaking of trees, isn't mine pitiful?

We don't have a "real" tree. This was one I picked up a couple years ago. I lived in a two-story townhouse and there was a ledge at the top of the landing going up to the second floor. I used to put this tree on top of the ledge since the ceiling was so high and the living room area was open to the second floor. But now, this poor tree is so skinny and sad looking in the living room. I do love it though. There are little bird nests and birds and berries tucked in the branches. Maybe some day I'll have a larger tree. My favorite is a real one; the smell is wonderful and makes the house more "Christmas-y". Another gift from Debbie is a Starbuck's gift card. Some people may not appreciate a gift card but for me to buy a coffee at Starbuck's is a real splurge. I just won't spend the money on myself. But a gift card is a great present because I can enjoy the coffee without the guilt! Thanks, Deb!!!

Pam surprised me with a gift. Isn't this the cutest bag?

Inside the bag was a Bath & Body hand soap in one of my favorite Christmas scents, "Winter Candy Apple". The other part of my gift was a Pandora charm! I recently bought a Pandora-style bracelet with two beads. I am also known to travel everywhere with my coffee mug so Pam has added some fun to the bracelet!. Another great gift!

I am blessed beyond belief by my husband and friends. I pray you will be blessed also by your loved ones. Encourage the blessings by spreading your own Christmas cheer! Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Hi Cathy! Your goodies look wonderful! I collect Pandora charms- love them! How wonderful of DH so be so giving- I am sure you loved (and deserved) every minute of it!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. What a fun post!!! Glad you got some wonderful presents....you will have to wiggle your toes for me sometime!!! I don't know what a Pandora bracelet is.....I see Patti loves them too. Will have to Google that.

    Thanks again for asking us to come to your stitch party. It was such an amazingly fun night!!!!

    Merry Christmas Cathy!