Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dashing Through the Fog

Last Sunday I awoke to a strange sight. Did it snow? Was it ice? Whatever it was, it certainly was beautiful. My DH and I were able to drive through the woods on our way to church that morning. I snapped a couple pics.

I heard reports that it was frozen fog. I guess this occurs when the humidity approaches 100%. The fog just magically appears and sticks to everything that is standing still. I thought by noon it would have all melted off, but it was still hanging around well into the afternoon. It made the landscape look so fresh and undisturbed; it was disappointing to no longer see it there.

One sight I'm grateful to see everyday is my friendly USPS. There are some hard-working men and women at this location. If you should order something from the shop (or even better, win a prize!), this is from where it is usually shipped. The Post Office is a mere two blocks from the shop so it is quick and convenient to handle all the web and phone orders that come in. Best of all, I rarely have to wait in line, except maybe during the Christmas season. It's a creaky, old building, with original floors, counters and doors. Stepping inside the front door is like being transported through time. It's nice to still have this little bit of history, only minutes away. It's fun to visualize all the thousands of people that have walked through the door over the last 75 or so years.

And now, here's some more traveling, not through time, but across the globe.

I'll take you up, up, where it's cold and snowy and Christmas all year long. Where little guys with pointy ears and pointy shoes are busy making toys for good girls and boys. Where Santa keeps track of his growing list and is busy reading those letters and fulfilling wishes. Next to the workshop is the spa, where those 4-hooved reindeer are busy exercising, toning and eating right to be strong enough to pull the sleigh all over the world. Here they are with a little added *bling*. These guys, or gals, if you will, are designed by Hinzeit and can be stitched and framed individually. We love the impact of all eight reindeer displayed in one wide frame. Of course, my friend Debbie stitched this group for the shop in record time! You gotta love friends like that! Look closely at each of their outfits. So appropriate to their names. Careful attention should be given to Comet. Do you see the little rocket on her back? That rocket is what is attached to Debbie's needles! LOL She is the fastest stitcher I know.
The Crystal Reindeer model was stitched for Inspired Needle's Reindeer Club. When you join the club, we'll distribute a pattern per month. Each pattern contains the chart for one of the reindeer and six Swarovski crystals. You get to choose your choice of 18 count Ivory Aida or as pictured in our model, 36 count Lakeside Magnolia overdyed linen. Another great choice is 36 count Cream Edinburgh linen. You can't go wrong any way you choose. When you're all done stitching and ready to display your reindeer, we're offering Club members 25% off the Kay's Frame.

More to come later but I see a free evening ahead of me and I'm going to sit down and stitch!

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  1. Exciting!!!! Love those reindeers!!!! I want to go to that post office now! Will have to incorporate that with a trip to the shop......

  2. The rime pics are beautiful!!! The post office sounds great- I love old buildings like that- I bet it smells old too. Those reindeer are awesome- I never get tired of looking at them- Kudos to Debbie for her fine work!

  3. I love your pictures. I have some of get freezing fog up on my blog as well. I need to go to that old post office. I love old buildings. They have a charm and a grace that is missing from today's architecture, the same with old churches. I have so enjoyed stitching at your shop on Tuesdays. I look forward to next week. Check out my blog if you have time:

  4. Mother Nature sure did a beautiful job flocking our trees and bushes.
    I love those reindeer and was going to comment on them Saturday, they are so pretty with their bling,lol Where's rudolph?
    I hope you got lots of stitching in

  5. Hi Cathy- make sure to stop by my blog- you will see your name-lol

  6. Hi Cathy,

    I'm glad you visited my blog. I just to to Google Images and type in what I'm interested in, usually vintage children or animals or holidays. Also, Laura told me of an illustator whose vintage illustrations are available. I used it too, but I can't remember her name. It's three words. I would check with Laura, because this illustrator has some lovely illustrations. Enjoy the snow.
    Jon lee

  7. Her name is Jesse Wilcox Smith.

  8. Very funny reindeers :)) They look great :)

  9. I know its a long shot but would anyone have any gently used reindeers for sale.