Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shepherd, the Bush

I have a funny Market story to share. We woke up early Saturday morning, the first day of Market, to get showered and down to the lobby for our breakfast, so we could be ready to go at 9am when the vendor suites opened. Shepherd's Bush does not normally attend the Nashville Market, so this year was a treat. I assumed that their suite would be swarmed, and it was, as my DH and I walked toward their room. There were about 20 people in line! I quickly glanced over the balcony to see what the Just Nan suite looked like. Ah, there was a shorter line. I made a decision and asked my DH to remain in line for Shepherd's Bush while I ran down one floor to get my order in at Just Nan. I figured I could do my shopping and make it back upstairs before my husband got through the doorway. I wasn't even in line at Just Nan 10 minutes before my cell phone rang. It was my husband and here was what he said, "You need to get here quick....I'm at the Golden Gates". I told him I'd be right there and I jumped out of line and ran back upstairs to help him out. I'll tell you, Shepherd's Bush ran their suite like a well-oiled machine! You go in, ooh and aah over the new stitched designs, wonderfully displayed in true Shepherd's Bush style. I grabbed an order form, quickly wrote down the quantities I needed and handed it over to Tina sitting at the order table. She took my form, thanked me for my order and told me I could pick it up later that day. Wow. I was in and out of there in under 5 minutes! The funniest part of the Shepherd's Bush event was when I found out later that my husband, in order to amuse himself, brought out his cell phone and made a little video of the crowd milling about their room. He panned the "Shepherd's Bush" banner hanging in the window and added his own humorous commentary on the number of people piled into the room of the "SSSShhhhepherd.......,the Bush". He's a guy and one of those that doesn't quite understand what all the hoopla of stitching is about. Most of all, though, he's a good sport and would stand in the line for me, even if it took two hours!

On our way home from Nashville, we stopped off in Kentucky to visit with my cousins. I was looking forward to spending some time with my Great Aunt, whom I had not seen in many years. Unfortunately, my cousin informed me a week before I left for Market that my Aunt had passed away! Saddened and disappointed, we still went to Kentucky, and we shared some memories of my Aunt with my cousins.

To keep the van ride from becoming too monotonous, I was able to stitch on a cute, Springy design for the shop. Here's my finished piece, ready to be framed. Well, I'll need to stretch and press it first, but you get the idea. I haven't finished any stitching in such a long time. It felt great to actually get something completed! This is "Easter Stuff-Hop" by Poppy Kreations. I changed out the fabric and a floss or two, but the rest is as charted.

For my next blog I'll tell you a bit about the World's best ice cream! I am not kidding! I've never experienced a richer, creamier ice cream than what we found on our way back to Chicago.

For now, though, I must inform you that I have drawn a new name for the Blackbird Designs "Winter Wonderland". I'm sorry that the orginal winner did not contact me as I'll bet she would have been thrilled. Lucky-duck KarinZ is the new winner! Congratulations. I'm sure I'll be seeing her soon so I won't need to mail her package. Thanks again to everyone that participated. I hope you all have your own Winter Wonderland soon!



  1. I loved that post! How wonderful that your hubby drove you and attended....that is a good man! :) What a great trip you had, those times on the road together are my favorite...and an ice cream to boot, even better! What a blessing to be able to stop and visit family.
    Men are so funny, my hubby is just like that, and really tries to understand my love for cross stitch, but I think for him it's just enough to know that I am now siting through all of his sports on TV, thanks to WIPs :)


  2. How fun that your husband was with you and willing to stand in line!! tell about the ice cream - I love ice cream!

    Congrats to the new winner!

  3. Great Story! I think we will all start calling it Shepard, the bush from now on. I would love to see that movie he took. In fact, they should make a documentary about the whole show! That would be must see TV!!! See you tomorrow! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!

  4. Love the story!!! Gotta love your DH too- what a trooper! Congrats to Karin Z...I hear she has a really low supply of stitching items so I am sure this will help- LOL!! Loved the new stuff and seeing you guys yesterday. Looking forward to Tues.