Sunday, April 11, 2010

Primitive Needle Trunk Show

Hi, those of you out in blogland that happen upon this blog....I just wanted to let you know I added a slideshow of the Primitive Needle trunk show that is currently on display at Inspired Needle through May 3, 2010 to the blog sidebar. If you live within driving distance of Chicagoland, come on out and see it for yourself. The models are amazing. The framing is amazing. The sheer number of models in this show is amazing. The pictures do not do it justice. We'd love for you to come and ooh and aah in person!

I hope everyone is having a fresh, Spring-y weekend!



  1. Hope I get to come see, it looks gorgeous

  2. Stitchers!!! you need to get there ASAP, the pieces are so awesome in person

  3. Oh and Ah is right!!! Looking forward to seeing it AGAIN on Tues. Have a great end to the weeke and weekend Cathy!