Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Toasty Flakes

The latest LHN monthly ornament showed up at the shop and is just oh-so-cute. I thought it would look great but decided to floss toss to give the design some added zing. What do you think of our choice? Weeks 30 count Chestnut. We only switched the DMC 869 to DMC 420 to get the branch arms to show up better. I think he's adorable and the Crescent Colours Bamboo and Sassy Brass really pop on this fabric!

Tonight is stitch night at the shop. I'll see what the gals think of the finish. I hope everyone comes refreshed from the long weekend. I know I am excited to be close to my own finish - picture will be forthcoming as soon as it's assembled. I will do that one on my own. Stay tuned!


  1. love it!!! Can't wait to add that one to my collection. Sorry to miss tonight- hope to be at the next one!

  2. Mr. Snowman turned out fab! Love the fabric change; you are right it really makes it pop! Last night was fun, fun, fun (as always!!!). See you Saturday (I hope!!!)

  3. Laura, I'm glad I could provide such great entertainment! You guys were really cracking up over my lack of recent-event knowledge!

    Patti, we missed you (both last month and yesterday).