Saturday, March 12, 2011

Financial Peace and More

On the way to our cabin in Tennessee, my DH and I were looking for a Chick-fil-A so we could stop for lunch. We love that fast food restaurant and visit one every time we go South. I have discovered though that there is now a Chick-fil-A in Aurora and Orland Park, IL. Yippee! As we were still looking for the restaurant, we passed a building and my DH exclaimed, "Hey, Financial Peace Plaza. Isn't that Dave Ramsey's place?" Well, my head almost spun 360 to fix my eyes on the building. Lucky me, after lunch my DH drove over to Financial Peace Plaza and parked so I could get some pictures.

Being so close to the financial wizard, I had to go inside to see the lobby. Dave Ramsey hosts a radio show and offers hope to those who are in debt learn to manage their money and "live like no one else." Occasionally, when people that follow Dave's plan manage to pay off all their debts, they will drive out to Financial Peace Plaza so they could shout to Dave in person, "We're debt free!" I just had to go inside and see the lobby that I hear so much about.

As you can see, Dave's lobby is set up so if you happen to stop in while he's on the air, you can sit and watch him at work. It was very exciting to see Dave live and in action on the radio. If you ever wonder where your money goes, I urge you to check out Dave's website. He offers tools and programs to help you live within your paycheck and gives advice on how to pay off your debts and save for your future. It definitely changed my life!

I have been doing lots of framing the last few months. Here are some customer finishes. Below is Snowflake Serenade (Country Cottage Needleworks) stitched by Linda:

Next is the Mighty Oak Sampler (Chessie & Me) stitched by another Linda:

You may remember Jill's Cirque des Cercles (Ink Circles) from a previous post.

Well, here we are a few months later and Jill has finished. She sent me this photo but wow, I wish I was there to see Cirque in person!

The next Friday FunDay, I hope that Jill will bring in her work of art to share with us all.

That's all for today. I hope to have more customer finishes for you next time!


  1. That is so cool that you got to stop by one of your favorite people's places!!!! I will definitely check out his website!! Need to find more stitching supply money! (and really need to know more about financial management in general).

    Love, love, love those finishes! There are some seriously talented stitchers at Inspired Needle!!!

  2. I will be in next Friday with several things that need finishing. It is the Windy City Guild weekend in Oak Brook. I have been telling people to stop by Inspired Needle.

  3. Wow!! Love the Lindas' pieces and Jill's is magnificent! I can't wait to see it all framed! How cool to find the Financial Peace place. I had never heard of him but like Laura said- plan to check him out. Hope you are having a good week- will miss you tonight and Sun.

  4. I loved Dave Ramsey's book so much I gave it to my two sons (Jason who is not a reader finished it in two weeks!) and my 7 siblings! While we are not debt free yet, it is getting closer!

  5. Love Dave Ramsey and his program! We are now debt-free except the house because of following what he teaches. Nice you were able to spread the good news on your blog!

  6. Love, love, LOVE Dave Ramsey! We live and die by the envelopes in our house! LOL