Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Birthday Fun

This past Sunday was a stitch-in at the shop. The "girls" surprised me with a lovely card and a gift certificate to Vera Bradley. Yippee!!! I get to go shopping again. I think I will be in the market for a new "Fall" bag, so I hope to find one within the next few weeks. Thanks, my friends, you are the inspiration to my needle!

Even though today is the actual birthday, I had to work all day so my husband took me out for dinner yesterday at Wildfire in Oak Brook. I ordered the Prime Rib. Yummy! They also had an excellent Shrimp Lobster Bisque. After dinner, we split a small half-slice of cheesecake. What was I thinking not bringing my camera??! The cheesecake had a veil of raspberry sauce and a smattering of fresh berries. Delish!

Today at the shop I was kept pretty busy so the day went by very quickly. When I finally got home, this is the sight that greeted me.

That husband of mine is a keeper! Too cute. Then the next sight was this.

Inside the packages were some silly things like mints and gum (that I love), a new mouse for my laptop, a hands-free holder for my phone while in the car and a new Cuisinart blender/chopper. Now before you get too worked up over the fact that my DH gave me a practical gift for my birthday, I need to let you know that he did not want to get me the Cuisinart. I begged him for it. He wanted to get me jewelry or something equally wonderful, but I really, really wanted the new chopper! It is now washed and waiting for our next meal. Here is a stock photo.

My DH also got this cute, little New York Cheesecake. It was quite yummy. I'll have to remember this tiny cake the next time I have a craving for just a small slice.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes today. It was a very fun day!



  1. Happy Birthday! Looks and sounds like a fun day! Your cake looks yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday Cathy! Sounds like you had a great day!And a future shopping spree at Vera...exciting!

  3. Happy birthday. Looks like it was a good one. Good friends and a wonderful hubby!!!

  4. Happy Birthday...Sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  5. Cathy,
    So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Your flowers are gorgeous and the cake looks yummy!

  6. Happy Birthday!! So sorry I missed the celebration on Sunday- sounds like I missed a good time! Your Birthday seems like it was a great day!!! See you soon!

  7. So glad you had such a great birthday!!!! You look gorgeous in your picture!!! Your husband was so sweet to get you such great presents!!!

  8. So glad you had a nice birthday!! What a lovely surprises from your husband, so sweet!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Cathy! I had no idea your birthday was last weekend. Looks like you had a great one too:)))