Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas, Etc.

Hi friends, thanks for stopping by! I wanted to catch up and give you an update of things that have been happening in my life. Christmas happened since my last post and I'd like to share some of the gifts I received. My very generous DH showered me with Vera Bradley this year! I received not one, but two new handbags. I love, love, love both patterns. Quick story....I had purchased some Vera Bradley gifts for friends and employees, several of which were in the Suzani pattern. Also, my friend Teresa has a Suzani patterned bag. The more I saw the pattern, the more I liked it. I just happened to mention casually (really! I wasn't hinting!) that the Suzani pattern was growing on me. Well, what a guy! He bought me the chain bag, wallet and loop keychain in the Suzani pattern.

He also picked up the handbag in the Night & Day pattern, another simple, yet elegant look.

My sister gifted me with several things but most special of all was this round beauty. This is from the sister that as of three years ago, did not even stitch! Nancy did such a fab job of stitching and finishing this box all by herself!

I did a bit of stitching myself for an ornament exchange. This is the ornament I gave. Here's the front:

And the back. I was able to personalize for Patti since it wasn't actually ready for the day of the exchange. The gals let me participate even though my ornie wasn't finished. It took about another week to finish the stitching and get it assembled. This is called "Peace on Earth" by Victoria Sampler. You will find this adorable ornament in this year's issue of JCS Ornament magazine.

Here is the ornament I received from Brenda. It's designed by Linda's Designs, distributed by Victoria Sampler, called "Biscornuments." I love these tiny beauties! They are so petite and delicate. I have been wanting to stitch one of these ever since I saw the pattern book. I was so thrilled to get this one in the exchange, stitched and finished expertly by Brenda! I will have to make up a few of these. My tree would look great with a handful of biscornuments hanging on it!

Lastly, I'm teaching a box finishing class next month. We are doing the Blackbird Designs "Morning Star" box. We will paint and sand the box and then mount our finished needlework on the box top. Publishing a date meant that I had to get cracking on the design! Yikes. Here is my progress from earlier today. It is going much more quickly than I anticipated. This is done on R&R 40 count French Vanilla. Stay tuned for an update within the next few days.

I do hope you all are finding time to put needle to fabric!


  1. Great goodies! Love the ornament you did for the exchange!

  2. Great gifts Cathy! I just love that little purse ornament from Victoria Sampler. I think it is just so unique:)

  3. Great gifts and I love your WIP!!!!

  4. Cathy,
    Your husband has great taste. I love both of the patterns he chose! I saw the ornament that you made for Patti in person. Exquisitely done and so unique!!! Can't wait to take the class and get inspired!!!
    Linda C.

  5. Nice ornies and what a great hubby! My retreat this weekend is in Wisconsin with about 12 other stitchers. This retreat has been an annual MLK weekend retreat. We go to the Belisle Ranch and Retreat center. Check it out, have a facebook page.
    Have a great weekend.