Saturday, January 21, 2012

And A Forest Grew!

I have the most talented customers! Look what Pat brought in to show me today!! Unbelievable. This is "And A Forest Grew" designed by Rosewood Manor. It is stitched on 28 count Cashel and stitched over one linen thread. Totally incredible.

She still has a bit more stitching to do (and remove her basting threads), but wowie, this is gorgeous! Look at the fox and the little robins.

How about that deer?

Those trees!

The mama bird feeding her babies in the lower left and then toward the top, the owl in the tree.

The serpent in the tree of life.

Those little bunnies!

I love this design - always have. I love it even more now that I've seen it stitched over one!!! I think there is something to be said for over one stitching. The smallest of details really pop out. Thanks, Pat, for letting me showcase your masterpiece on my blog!


  1. Wow! It is beautiful, and over one! I've seen this model and loved it...can't imagine over one. Oh, I've already said that, but can't get over what she has done.

    Sue Allen

  2. That is a masterpiece!!! So gorgeous!!!!

  3. Pat's piece is totally stunning! Thanks so much for sharing.....Faye

  4. Wonderful! Wonderful! This is inspirational!

  5. What a beautiful piece!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This turned out so beautifully! I've just purchased this as my first cross stitch ever and while it's ambitious it's the first one that screamed, "you need to learn this." I only hope my pieces can turn out this nice!