Monday, November 14, 2011

Celebration Midwest Part II

Similar to the needlework market, the vendors that attended the Celebration of Needlework show displayed banners over the railings inside the Embassy Suites hotel in St. Charles, MO. Here you can see a couple of them.

My neighbor on the one side was Kathy from Kay's Frames and on the other side of her (they had adjoining rooms) was Marj from Hinzeit. Of course, they are friends and you will see all of Hinzeit's designs in frames from Kay's Frames. Check out some of the Halloween designs and don't miss the skeleton on Last Stitch Cemetery!

Down the hall, in one of the corner rooms, was Rosewood Manor. Here is the designer, Karen (on the left) and her assistant, Lisa.

Don't you just love Barnwood Buttons?

The window cornice was the perfect place to hang her stockings!

Next up is Jeannette Douglas. Here she is standing in front of her designs. The nine small, framed designs on the wall are what I call her One, Two Three series. The official name of the series is Garden Secrets. In the display you will find One Key, Two Tulips, Three Bees, One Bird, etc. They look great framed as shown, or you could choose 4 of your favorites and stitch them over 1 to fit into a special little frame we have available.

Next is a not-so-great photo of My Story. Trust me, the design is exquisite!

And lastly, My Storybook. Jeannette stitched little motifs that represented her life on this design to add special meaning. It truly is a storybook of life. These designs continue to be popular sellers. They each have threadpacks which contain all the silks needed to stitch the design and My Storybook also has a separate charm pack. If you'd like to order either one, just send me an email!

I wish I had more photos to show you. There was an entire floor of vendors at this festival. It was stitcher's heaven! Please plan on attending next year at the same hotel. The dates are September 19-22, 2012. Call the hotel and make your reservation 636-946-5544. Mention that you're attending the Celebration of Needlework festival to get the special rate. Then, watch the Celebration website for registration details for 2012. Pass the word onto your friends!

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  1. Cathy,
    The amount of wonderful needlework is mind boggling! And you showed us just a few designers! Thanks for the tour!
    Linda C.

  2. I would probably hyperventilate and go insane at this event......but I hope to do so next year!!! Looks like pure stitching heaven!!!