Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Truly Thankful

I've been fighting a reaction of my body to sugars I eat, whether in sweets or carbs which covert to sugar. The condition is known as candidiasis where the "bad" bacteria feed on the sugars I intake and then overrun the good, beneficial bacteria. It is a hard one to knock out and the steps you need to take are drastic. The first recommended step to rid your body of these nasty bacteria is to do a cleanse. For seven days, you go on a liquid fast, drinking several concoctions meant to flush your system. I decided to go for it since I couldn't continue on as I was. I'm telling you, I was so hungry by the end of the afternoon that I caved! How do people do fasts, let alone for seven days?! I didn't eat much and it was certainly on the list of "allowed" foods, but still, it was food!

This was perhaps a reminder of how fortunate I am to live in this country. I am truly thankful for food. I am thankful I can look into my stocked cupboards and refrigerator and find many things that I can throw together for a meal. I am even more thankful that when the cupboards are bare, I can just drive to the store and buy more food. There are so many other countries where food is a luxury and here in the Western world, we don't even give food a second thought because it is so plentiful.

Definitely food for thought! What makes you truly thankful?

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  1. Oh Cathy~~ Hope this finds you in a better place! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family ... Enjoy and safe travels- see you soon!!!