Sunday, November 15, 2009

Second Week of Winners

I think I am going to miss doing these weekly drawings. It was sad when I was finished drawing names because there were still a lot of names in the jar and no more prizes to be distributed. Well, there are more prizes, but I am saving some for next Saturday and the Saturday after that. So, here are the winners and their prizes. If you do not live local, I will be mailing out your prize. Congratulations!

Kathy-Spring Seasonal Bitty Buttons & Fiber pack by Cathy Jean
Vicki, Gentle Art Special Edition Perle Cotton
Arlene-Fall Seasonal Bitty Buttons by Cathy Jean
Jane-Seasons Changing Bellpull by Rosewood Manor
Carol-Summer Seasonal Bitty Buttons & Fiber pack by Cathy Jean
Jamee-Gentle Art Spring Bag
Marilyn-Lilly Flower Sachet Sac by Fern Ridge Collections
Patricia-Chessie & Me Blackbird Houses (Norden Crafts)
Pam-Gentle Art Backyard Blooms
Paula-Lizzie Kate Sampling Christmas Quick-iT and Calculator
Phyllis-Chessie & Me Blackbird Houses (Norden Crafts)
Kay-Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag by JBW Designs
Beverly (Yes, again!)-Seaside Stitches Accessories by Jeannette Douglas Designs

A huge thank you to all that have come out during the week and/or sent me an order. You are all the reason why I love my job!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

and the winners are.....

Ok, my stitchy friends, today was the first doorprize drawing of the month! This is my Anniversary month....actually my one-year anniversary is tomorrow. Yea! Can you believe Inspired Needle is a year old? To help celebrate, I contacted a bunch of my vendors and asked them to provide some prizes. Many have complied and now I can share with my customers. Here you see the jar of drawing slips. Each time a sale was made this past week, the customer's name was written on a slip and placed in the jar. Internet orders, phone orders, walk in didn't matter. I will mail your prize if you live out of town.

Here is the group of prizes for the drawing this week. We have three thread packs from The Gentle Art. One is "Autumn", one is "Harvest" and the other is unnamed but contains both Sampler Threads and Simply Wool fibers. Then there is a wool kit from SamSarah, a "Dear Santa" kit with pouch, chart, beads and buttons from JBW, two Cathy Jean charts called "Wintertime" and "Fall" with fiber accessory packs and "Birthday Bellpulls 1" from The Victoria Sampler charted for September, October, November and December bellpulls all with accessory packs.

And the winners are.....
Autumn thread pack - Amy A
Harvest thread pack - Jenny
Sampler Thread/Wool Thread pack - Barb
Sam Sarah wool kit - Jill
Dear Santa kit - Debbie
Wintertime - Lori
Fall - Beverly
Birthday Bellpulls - Pam

The jar has been emptied and now all sales from next week Tuesday through Saturday will be placed inside. Those customers will have a chance to win a door prize next week! I have more goodies to win. Charts and kits from Jeannette Douglas, Fern Ridge, The Gentle Art, JBW, Lizzie*Kate, Victoria Sampler, Cathy Jean, Norden Crafts.....stay tuned for next week's winners!

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Has It Really Been That Long?

Sheesh, I can't believe it has been almost a month since I posted! I always have good intentions but then time has a knack for getting away from me.

Lots going on. The Online Needlework Show has come and gone and now the "trial" Needlework Retail Show will be here in a few days. I have also been busy at the shop getting things ready for my anniversary celebration. Yes, Inspired Needle will be 1 year old on November 8th! I can't believe it! What started out as a pipe-dream has developed into full-blown reality. It is so wonderful to wake up every morning and WANT to go to work. I have such fun setting up displays and putting things together at the shop. I try to guess what the customer will like and sometimes I hit it on the head and others, well, we won't talk about them! LOL

Well, the twins have turned seven. They really are growing up. We went to PA two weekends ago to celebrate their birthday. We had fun at the local pumpkin farm, which really isn't a farm but a nursery which does it up big for fall. They have lots of blow-up amusements for the kids like a slide, crawl-through maze, obstacle course, mountain climbing wall, corn maze, etc. We went last year too, and the kids enjoyed themselves. Not a bad price either. I think for $13 the kids could go on all the rides they wanted.

I did get some stitching done too, believe it or not. Check out my Cherie. You will notice that she has quite the full coat of wool since you saw her last! .
I also completed all the cherries so now Cherie will have something to nibble on until I finish the greenery

And this one is Chessie & Me's Pumpkin Stack. I decided to finish it as a pin keep but thought it looked cute enough without the pins.

Last, but not least, I am almost finished with Jeannette Douglas' First Chapter of My Stitching Album, Mosaic Muse. That one is a killer because it takes so long to stitch a Mosaic stitch compared to a cross stitch. I love the result and this will probably be one of my favorite chapters. I'll wait to update you with a picture and post one when the chapter is complete.

Thanks for checking back!