Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ornament Transformation

Anyone that knows me is aware that I like to change up the fabric on the monthly Little House Needlework ornaments. The recommended fabric as shown on the cover model is fine but I like to challenge myself to find a fabric color that will add some zing to the design.....make it stand out if even just a tiny bit. The latest ornament from LHN is Joy To The World; a sweet angel heralding the birth of our Savior, Jesus. She is just lovely on the Weeks Straw fabric but I wanted her to look stunning. Here is the latest fabric choice, Weeks Sky, 30 count. Don't the threads look great against that blue?

And in local news, I am counting down the days until the new Bolingbrook Costco is open for business!! I love Costco - I think they should hire me to be a spokesperson. I snuck a picture one's that for sticking to a deadline? It was about 8pm and they were still working on the building! It was lit up like August with floodlights. Yay, Costco!

Thank you all for reading!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finish line!

Well, I am home from Market. The bags have been unpacked, the inventory entered into the computer system, Market items arranged on the table in the shop and then rearranged for stitch night. The website is up-to-date with items that arrived up to this past Wednesday. There are a few things that came in yesterday and today that need to be uploaded, but I feel good that finally the bulk of it is done. I love going to Market and seeing all the great new designs. I will share some of my favorites with you on my next post. Today, I want to showcase some customer finishes. They are incredible!

First up is Jill's "Eiffel Quaker" by Jardin Prive.

I first met Jill about a year ago when she came into the shop and purchased an Ink Circles design, "Cirque Des Carreaux". She would come in periodically after that and show me her progress. That piece is incredible and I will share the picture in another post. Jill is a big fan of Ink Circles and has several pieces in progress, such as "Cirque Des Cercles", below:

Cirque Des Cercles stitched on Lakeside Vintage Autumn Gold 32 count with base color thread of Caron Wildflowers in Fiesta - Wow! It pops!

Jill does nothing by the book. She has an eye for color and loves to try new threads and fabrics. She is also currently stitching Ink Circles "Alchemical Romance". Wait until you see what she's done with this one!

Then, this past Tuesday at stitch night, Carol brought in this outstanding finish! This is "The Witches Wheel" by Glendon Place.

She has just started adding the beads. Look closely at the top witch in the picture. You can see the green, purple and orange beads. They really add some color and dimension to the design. Wow! I can't wait to see this one finished!

Lastly, I have my own finish. I had ordered this Rainbow Butterfly kit with my Rosewood Manor automatic and it arrived a few days before I left for Market. Of course I had to slip one pin kit into my stitching bag! One evening at Market as Debbie and I sat entering items into the computer, we did a little FlyLady trick. We worked for 45 minutes and then stitched for 15. I almost finished the outline of the butterfly during the evening, for a total of about one hour. Here is the before pic:

The butterfly is stitched on 40 count silk gauze. You baste it to a piece of muslin, then cut away (carefully) the muslin, revealing the silk gauze. This gives you a stable base with which to mount the muslin in q-snaps or a hoop. As you only stitch a half stitch on 40 count silk gauze, it works up rather quickly. Each butterfly kit is unique as the beads, backing paper and silk threads are different in each kit. After filling in the butterfly wings with Dinky-Dyes overdyed silk, this is the result:

I was so excited to be finished with this pretty butterfly and to actually get to assemble it. I hastily, yet carefully, cut the muslin to fit the glass frame. I carefully counted and added the beads and dangle pieces to the pin. I sat back and admired it and was so proud of myself until I looked closely at the front of the little pin package and noticed something on Karen Kluba's models that was lacking on mine....I forgot to stitch the border! Oh yikes...I can't believe I left off the border! But, the silk gauze is cut and I'm not attempting to stitch on a 1-1/2" square of gauze so it will remain as is. I still think it's pretty and I can just tell everyone that I planned it that way. LOL.

Hope you all get to have a stitchy week!