Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sleigh Bells Ring

Have you seen the latest Little House Needleworks ornament, "Sleigh Bells"? It's a very nice ornament with a catch-y little tune. Are you listening? This year at the shop, we've been taking the monthly ornaments and changing them up a bit. We choose a different fabric and then switch the cottons to silks. My sister is stitching the model for the shop. When I told her that we use silks for the kit, she was intrigued. When I mentioned that it makes a really affordable way for someone to try stitching with silks, she volunteered to stitch the model! Well, let me tell you, she's a believer! LOL I think she is hooked. Nancy went home tonight and finished stitching the design. The image you see here is what I shot this afternoon. Look how rich the colors are on the deeper colored linen.
I think she did a great job! I will get the kits made up on Tuesday. Call or email if you'd like to get a kit! Have a great weekend, everyone!