Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Folkloric Kind of Day

Today was a fabulous day! First of all, we went to church and then afterward, my DH and I drove out to Geneva, IL and had lunch at Country House. Awesome burgers, if you ever get the chance. Then, we followed the explosion of cars over to the Chicago Premium Outlet mall in Aurora, IL. This must have been the choice of thousands of people today. We had to park in the overflow area; right up the curb and on the grass. Holy cow, I've never seen anything like it! What recession??? People were walking around with not just one or two bags, but ARMLOADS of packages! The line for Coach was at least 30 people long (all day long, each time we walked past the store), just to walk in the door. I think they were passing out 1/2 off coupons or something! My sole purpose for going to this outlet mall was because I was given a Vera Bradley gift card at Christmas and was wanting a new, summer bag. Can you believe I held off this long? I have plenty of Vera purses but my summer Vera was tired and worn. Something colorful that shouted "summer" was what I wanted. What do you think of my choice?? I also picked up a matching wallet and lunch bag so I can look very pulled together when I go to the shop. LOL!

I've also been doing a bit of customer framing lately. Here are the cutest little hedgehogs that Jenny has stitched. We are framing them separately and she will figure out some wall arrangement as soon as they are ready.

Next is the continuation of the Drawn Thread checkbook cover designs that Barb is stitching. Barb chose to frame them rather than make a cover. I lace them up and then Barb is able to pop them in and out of a single frame.

Lastly, Linda has stitched Shepherd's Bush "Come Home" and I laced the design and popped it into the Round Ivory Treasure Box. She also had stitched "Hold Hope" and now she is able to switch out the two designs whenever she feels the need.

I came across this piece I stitched several years ago. It's a freebie design by Blackbird Designs called "Tulip Manor." I changed it up a bit to personalize it for my husband and I. Now to just order the frame, lace it and get it hung in our house!

I'm teaching a specialty stitch class on Friday so I had better get stitching on my model design. I'll post a picture next time and let you know how the class turned out!

Happy Fourth!!