Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Next Station, Finishville

We drove this weekend to go see the twins so that means time to stitch in the car! I will give you a stitchy update in just a bit. First I want to tell you about a cemetery we drive past each trip. The area in PA where we go is pretty hilly. Imagine you are climbing and descending, twisting and turning for about 30 minutes once exiting the interstate. You're driving up a hill and just as you reach the top, there is a small cemetery on your right. There is a huge, iron gate opening the way to the center path and just inside the gates, several hundred grave markers. Passing this small cemetery each and every trip, I always wondered what the gravestones looked like up close. I persuaded my husband to stop the car so I could take a look around. Some of the stones were a bit older, but I was hoping for at least a hundred years or more. No such luck. Regardless, there were a lot of veterans buried here and those stones had an additional metal marker beside them. This is a view from near the front entrance.

I walked around for about 15 minutes, reading the inscriptions, wondering about the lives of those buried beneath the ground, playing out my own story in my head.

One of the things the twins like to do is go to the zoo whenever we're in town. My sister-in-law and her kids came along with us and we enjoyed a breezy, but warm day in the sunshine. Here's Daddy and his little girl playing music for some of the animals. The instrument in the picture is a huge xylophone.

All aboard! The Angel Train is heading out. Next stop, Finishville! I am getting excited because this past weekend I finished stitching all of the box border of Angel Train. There are just some motifs left inside the border to finish in the blank area at the top of the design. Don't get me wrong. There is a lot more stitching to do, but I can see the finish line! I have been working on this piece for well over a year. It is stitched on 40 count R&R 18th Century Brown with one strand of DMC. I really love how this is turning out and can't wait to see it all finished! In case you're interested, the designer is Prairie Moon. They have also designed other "trains", "Spring Trainin'", "Ghoul Train" and "Freedom Train" if you like the look but are not into Angels or Snowmen. I also spied another design, similar but not a "train" called "Holiday Farm" that looks very interesting!

A newsworthy note...at the end of the month a trunk show from The Primitive Needle will arrive at the shop. If you're local, be sure to stop by to take a look at all the awesome models!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your needle is not only inspired but smokin', too!


Monday, March 8, 2010

I Scream, You Scream

Hi, last time I promised you a post about the world's best ice cream. I mean, it might be possible that there is a more creamy, delicious ice cream out there, but in my experience, this is the best I've ever had.

My husband and I were returning home from Tennessee after Market and it was getting to be late afternoon. I usually enjoy a nice cup of coffee around 3pm every day to perk me up, so I started watching the road signs for a Starbucks. We were driving through Indiana and saw a sign for Fair Oaks Farms. My DH had stopped there in the past for coffee and said there was a small gift shop, too. That's all I needed to hear! I'll take any excuse to shop. Hey, I've hit the jackpot at truck stops! So, we exited the highway and pulled up in front of the place. Fair Oaks is an operating Dairy Farm so there are tours of the birthing barns, cheese factory, fun activities for the kids (jumping pillow, rock climbing wall) and of course, the gift shop. They make their own ice cream on the premises and my husband decided to get a small cup. I had to try a spoonful and wow, it was the most buttery, creamy, dreamy, silky, "you can feel 10 pounds attaching themselves to your hips" kind of ice cream you'll ever want to eat. I wanted my own cup once I tasted his, but after a couple spoonfuls, he was finished, saying it was so rich, he couldn't eat anymore. I helped him out :) If you could imagine a stick of butter, softened to room temperature, that was like the consistency of the ice cream. Not hard at all. My spoon just swished through the cup and rich, yummy goodness was on my spoon. Ahhh, I can't wait to go back! The coffee is not bad, too! They do brew Starbucks brand. Fair Oaks is worth the stop if you happen to be driving on I-65 through Indiana.

No stitchy reports to tell. I've been working hard getting my paperwork in order to take to the accountant today. Don't you just love tax season? Well, at least that is over with. I have a bit more paperwork to catch up on and then maybe I'll sit and stitch for an hour tonight. I'm working on one of the Little House monthly ornaments. I took a break from Angel Train to do something quick and easy. The easy part is true. I'm just having a rough time with the quick since I rarely have more than a few minutes to stitch. But this weekend will be all mine! Woohoo. I'm going away with a group of friends for our annual retreat. I am so looking forward to sitting and stitching and chatting with friends. Some I see all the time; others once a year at this retreat. It will be fun!

I hope everyone has a stitchy week! Thank you for reading and commenting!