Thursday, November 28, 2013

Count Me Inspired Needlework Retreat Part II

Friday after we came back from dinner at the Blue Gate, we all settled down into an evening of stitching. It was also time to work on our annual retreat project. This year, I selected "A Needlework Collage" using the pattern from Erica Michaels. Here is a picture of our sample model.

The designer, Linda Stolz, used a piece of silk gauze on which she stitched the word "Needles." She added a few wool pages and some sticker numbers denoting needle size and created some needle pages. She also handwrote a familiar verse, "All of my scattering moments are taken up with my needle." We had a table full of supplies to utilize to create our own collage on trading card pages. We could use pieces of our own stitching, scrapbook paper, fabric trims, wool, buttons and whatever else struck our fancy. This was our project to create and whatever materials we wished to include would be perfectly fine. Here are a few attendees perusing the available supplies.

Several ladies actually finished their pages at the retreat. Here are some examples:

I gave everyone a challenge for next year's retreat. Whoever has finished their collage needs to bring it and we'll take a vote. There will be a prize for the "People's Choice" collage. Here are some examples from the designer of different ways you can utilize scraps of stitching and other needlework media.

There is one more part left to this retreat recap. Check back again for the details of our last days together.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Count Me Inspired Needlework Retreat 2013 - Part I

The boutique is packed and in the van. I make the trek alone this year and it was a good thing....there is no way I could have fit a passenger in the van! It was loaded to the roof. I pulled into the Farmstead Inn driveway about 2pm local time, checked with the front desk for room info, then drove around back to the conference center to start unloading the van. This is the sight that greeted me.

I don't think there is a more wonderful sight: gazing upon an oasis of stitchy contentedness for the first time, knowing that 3 days of bliss is in store for you. I love the Farmstead Inn. Everytime I see that "red barn" conference center, I get a smile in my heart. I set about unloading the van and after a little while, help arrived and we finished the unload. Setup of the boutique commenced. It took about 6 of us working diligently to get the boutique ready for our attendees. About 4:30, I ran down to my room to change clothes and freshen up. The room is ready and waiting...table assignments have been made and each attendee has a name tag waiting for them on the edge of the table.

This was the sight that greeted everyone in the hall on the way to our conference room:


Here's our first evening together. Everyone is mingling together and having fun; making new friends!

We went to lunch the next day and I was able to snap a pic of some of the ladies that help me out with the retreat and other "shop" doings. L to R: Pam, Grace, Debbie & Rita

Getting a little bit of stitching in before heading over to the Blue Gate Restaurant for dinner.

Stay tuned for Part II....lots to write about and more pictures to show you!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Friday Funday Finishes!

Customer Jo stopped by yesterday for our Friday Funday stitching event. This is a once-a-month stitch afternoon held on the 2nd Friday of every month. If you're available, come on by and join us for a fun and relaxing few hours. Well, Jo just happened to bring with her a one-woman trunk show! She is quite creative and resourceful and loves to frame things using her treasure trove openstock frame stash.

Here's a cute little Lizzie Kate "Land That I Love"

"Crow Patriotic" by Homespun Elegance

"Sheep Freebie" by Shepherd's Bush and "Tall Snowman" from Heart In Hand

Not sure of the name of this one, but I'm pretty sure it's from Crossed Wing Collection

A bunch of cute wool pincushion kits from Just Another Button Company

A close up of the "Ghost Spoolkeep" kit and "Pumpkin Mini" pincushion

This is one of my favorites although Jo couldn't remember who designed it. She said it came as a kit with the perforated paper, memo pad and pen. You stitch the designs, lightly glue or use stitchery tape to attach them to the memo pad. So adorable! "Can't Remember Jack" memo pad

Forgot to get designer names and titles for those below but these are great for the upcoming holidays!

Love this little sled! I've been wanting to stitch one of these little sled ornaments and Jo certainly has inspired me to get moving! Too cute! I can envision an entire Christmas tree filled with these gems. Or, bring smiles to all your gift recipients and attach a little sled to their holiday package!

I hope to have more interesting news to report from our upcoming "Count Me Inspired" Needlework retreat. It will be here in two weeks! Can't wait for Shipshewana!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

DuClay Chapter EGA Saturday Stitch-In

The family is currently in Florida visiting with Grandma, cousins, aunt, uncle and more cousins! We're having a blast. Having recently become a plural member of the DuClay Chapter EGA, I was fortunate to find out that they just so happened to be having a stitch day while I would be in town. I drove out to Orange Park and met the chapter members for lunch at Honey B's Cafe. After lunch, we drove to the library for the class. We were lucky to be able to take a wool applique class to make a scissor case. Here is a picture of the model. Mine is no where near finished but I hope to find some time to tackle it soon.

One of the gals attending the event was stitching on this wool design. The woman holding it is Denise, our instructor for the scissor case.

Double bonus for me is that the Chapter had a needlework exhibit on display at the library. I took as many pictures as I could to capture all of the items on display. I apologize if I missed any!

Check out this beautiful casket! Sorry for the glare but I had to photograph through glass.

Back in January when I was able to attend a different Chapter workshop, the members were taught how to make stand-up cubes for their needlework. Many of the members have them on display in the exhibit. They did a fabulous job on their cubes!

Thank you, DuClay Chapter for another fun day stitching in Orange Park. See you next time I get to Florida!!