Monday, September 13, 2010

Busy Weekends

Last weekend we were in PA with the kids visiting my MIL. I wanted to bring the bikes on the trip but the weather forecast was cold and rainy. Why drag the bikes along? When we got to PA, we were pleasantly surprised to find it sunny and 85 degrees after the storms we had to drive through in Ohio. Temps cooled off once we got to my MIL, but it was very refreshing. We spent Sunday afternoon at my nephew's football game. It was warm in the sun but quite windy. What better thing to do while sitting captive watching a game when you're not cheering? Why, stitch, of course! I didn't get to put needle to fabric, but helped darling Angie created some new stitches. She started off making a flag and then I taught her how to do spiderweb roses. Her new stitch was to weave in and out of the backstitched flower stems. I know there is a name to that stitch, but I let her think she had created something new. Here she is, intent on weaving the perfect flower.

This is Angie's second piece of stitching. The first attempt was when she backstitched the pumpkin last summer. She does like to watch me stitch and asks questions about different threads or tools I use. I'm really thrilled what a nice job she did. She even added the floss hanger so she could hang it up in her room. Angie was so proud of her design and I really praised her needlework skills. She told me I could let all my friends know about the new stitch she created. She was so happy that "she could make stitching interesting"!

Oh, the football game? Our team won!

Been busy at the shop this past week, trying to get things in order so I can be gone for five days at Market. As I was leaving yesterday evening, the sun was shining ever so beautifully on the downtown area of Lemont, I had to stop and take a picture. The town where my shop is located is sometimes referred to as the Village of Faith. The many steeples in the picture might give you a clue why it's called by that name! When the Village was first settled, many immigrants helped to build churches so as to worship in their own faiths. The buildings still stand today.

Until next time......thanks for stopping by!