Thursday, November 28, 2013

Count Me Inspired Needlework Retreat Part II

Friday after we came back from dinner at the Blue Gate, we all settled down into an evening of stitching. It was also time to work on our annual retreat project. This year, I selected "A Needlework Collage" using the pattern from Erica Michaels. Here is a picture of our sample model.

The designer, Linda Stolz, used a piece of silk gauze on which she stitched the word "Needles." She added a few wool pages and some sticker numbers denoting needle size and created some needle pages. She also handwrote a familiar verse, "All of my scattering moments are taken up with my needle." We had a table full of supplies to utilize to create our own collage on trading card pages. We could use pieces of our own stitching, scrapbook paper, fabric trims, wool, buttons and whatever else struck our fancy. This was our project to create and whatever materials we wished to include would be perfectly fine. Here are a few attendees perusing the available supplies.

Several ladies actually finished their pages at the retreat. Here are some examples:

I gave everyone a challenge for next year's retreat. Whoever has finished their collage needs to bring it and we'll take a vote. There will be a prize for the "People's Choice" collage. Here are some examples from the designer of different ways you can utilize scraps of stitching and other needlework media.

There is one more part left to this retreat recap. Check back again for the details of our last days together.


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