Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bargello Easter Eggs

What a wonderful Sunday! Today was a nice relaxing day. I actually got to stitch a little bit and I finished off the Sekas Bargello Easter Egg I was working on. I'm not a big fan of working on perforated paper but I saw these eggs stitched up and on display in the Sekas booth at Nashville Market. They were so cute. I have a wire "tree" in the front window of my shop and here I will hang my little Easter Egg. Of course, it will be lonely, so I'll get busy and stitch another to keep it company. I don't think there's enough contrast with the Caron Watercolours I choose, so I'll use Williamsburg for the predominant stitch and Rosebud for the accent color.

Ink Circles "Croakworth" is laced onto foamcore and ready for the frame to arrive. As soon as it's ready, I'll post a picture for you to see.

How do you like the blog skin? I wasn't happy with the original, default skin so my DH and I worked this afternoon to change things around a bit. I've also added some new links on the sidebar. As I find interesting blogs and websites, I'll include links to them as well.

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