Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Gems have arrived!

What a story to tell, but the precious Little Gems scissors from Kelmscott Designs have found their way to the shop! These six vibrant colors were lost on a shipment in France somewhere, promised to be redirected, but alas, they are still touring the French countryside. Paula, the designer, manufactured another batch of these tiny darlings to replace the lost shipment. Here they are and aren't they just so sweet? These new colors (green, white, red, blue, orange and yellow) now join their siblings (purple, silver, pink, gold and black) that have been in the shop since February.

These scissors are perfect homes for all those fobs we love to stitch. Or, tuck a pair in your travel bag for they are very airplane friendly. At the great price of $9 each, you can slip a pair into each of your project bags and never be without a way to cut your threads!

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