Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need some inspiration?

This treasure-trove of gems was hauled into the shop today by the UPS guy! Can you believe these colors? Mmmmm, mind is reeling with all the possibilities this little windfall can create! We are in Picture-This-Plus heaven here with yummy shades of Belfast, Cashel, Lugana and Aida in the following colors: Monet, Crystal Monet, Fizzle, Heritage, Willow, Mirage, Legacy, Crystal Legacy, Whirlpool (makes you want to dive right in), Jade, Jazz, Crystal Mercedes, Stellar, Crystal Meditation, Sorbet. Some of these are earmarked for my clients but most will join the basket of PTP fabrics out on the shop floor. These jewel colors make me think of the Easter Eggs I'll be dying later tonight with the twins!

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