Saturday, July 11, 2009

A star-spangled, beaded necklace!

Well, maybe "star-spangled" is pushing it a bit, but I did manage to finish all the beading for Rosewood Manor's "Gathering Flowers" beaded linen necklace over the Memorial Day Weekend. This is the class piece that will be taught June 5th at 6pm. The class will be taught in two parts. The first part will be general stitching instructions and assembly of the beaded neckchain. Homework will be to stitch the front and back sides and be ready to attach the beaded swags and neckchains in the next class session. After we attach those, we will attach the two sides together and go home wearing our new necklaces! How do you like the model so far? It sure was fun to make the chain, even though I did it twice. The first time I found I didn't make the chain long enough so I cut off the beading and started over!

Lately I've been having a problem with being on my feet all day at the shop. I was blog hopping on Monday morning and came across a blog that had a link to the Crocs website. My DH has a pair of Scutes slip-ons and those are the ultimate in comfort ~ like walking on pillows. I think all Crocs are rather unattractive (putting it nicely) and had never considered a pair due to that reason. Browsing the website, I saw a pair called Malindi that would look really cute with crop pants. I have been wearing my Nike's to the shop to save my feet but even those fall short on comfort some days. At only $30, I thought I'd give them a try. So, DH and I headed on out to Dick's Sporting Goods to look at the Croc's they had in stock. Right away, I didn't care for the Malindi style, but I did find Olivia which were ok looking and comfortable, too.

I purchased a pair of Olivia in brown and put them on in the car. I wore them the rest of the day and my feet did not feel tired at all! I think I would have worn them to bed if not for that "no shoes on the bed" rule that I have! They were warm and cozy and there is definitely no "break in" period as with all other new shoes. The only thing that is a bit bothersome is that my feet feel sweaty after just a few minutes. Seeing that I've had them on all day today and my feet and legs are not sore from walking around the shop says quite a bit. I am sold on Crocs. Ok, I won't wear them for our next night on the town, but for a general purpose, I-need-comfortable-shoes kind of day, the Crocs fit the bill!

I hope you all had a pleasant long weekend and got lots of stitchy things done!

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