Thursday, July 9, 2009

For the love of fractions

Had a visit with my framer today. I brought over a new shop model to be framed, Croakworth by Ink Circles. Such a lovely piece. We had fun playing with the different mats and frame corners. I won't tell you what we selected; you'll have to wait and see it in person. I was working on lacing the piece this evening. I snapped a pic while preparing the fabric for the lacing.

Debbie did a wonderful job stitching this design for the shop. In about a week or two, the finished piece will be hanging in the shop, so if you're local, stop and by and see it for yourself.

Lots more to get framed. I know I have at least 4 other pieces that I have to select frames for and then get busy lacing. Here is a question for you all..... How many of you lace your finished design onto foamcore (archival, of course) or do you let your framer do that step for you? Lacing is not hard at all and you can save significant $$ by lacing yourself. I might put together a tutorial on lacing in the near future, complete with pictures to guide you in the process. There are various schools of thought on this subject and it's interesting to read what individuals do when it comes to their own stitching. If you have thoughts on this subject, please post a comment. I'm interested in hearing your opinion!

I apologize for not getting the new items loaded onto the website yet. It seems there is always something more pressing at the moment and I feel I'll get to it, but always one more thing to do pops up. I will do my best to get the new stuff loaded by the end of Tuesday.

And speaking of Tuesday, Erin Dekker of Myrtle Grace Designs will be in to drop of the trunk show models. Yes, we are having a punch needle trunk show! It should be lots of fun. If you havn't had a chance to take a peek for yourself, please do so. Erin's designs are so unique and beautifully done. I will try to set up a punchneedle class with Erin for after her wedding. Watch for it this summer (or sooner if I can manage it).

I hope it's springtime where you are located! I awoke yesterday morning to this lovely sight:
Luckily, by the time evening rolled around, most of it was gone. Whew! I felt bad because a lot of people had already put away shovels, heavy winter coats and some even drained their snowblowers. I've seen some weird weater in March and April in years past so I'm glad this snowfall is behind us.

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