Saturday, July 11, 2009

Catching up is hard to do...

(sung to the tune of "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do") .. It seems like I've been failing to update the blog as frequently ever since I created a page for Inspired Needle on Facebook. Wish I could clone myself. Then I'd be able to keep up with the website, Facebook, the blog and stitch! I'd be supremely happy!

Not much stitching done this week. I did lace up Spots III by Lilybet. As soon as I get it from the framer, I'll snap a pic. My friend Carol stitched it up as a shop model and she did a fantastic job. She also is a speedy stitcher and her work always looks exceptional!

The day at the shop was busy again. I had two new-to-me customers, one of whom found me through blogging! I was so thrilled to find out that tidbit of news. Apparently, Ranae read about my shop on Laura's blog so today she and her DH took a drive from up north to check it out. Thank you so much for making the trek! I hope you find it was worth the drive and your time.

Speaking of Laura, I was the lucky winner of her giveaway last week. Her blog was written up in Artful Blogging magazine and to celebrate, was giving away a previous issue. When Laura came to the Open Stitch night last Tuesday, she handed me the magazine (and some extra stitchy magazine treats!) and said I won. Now, I had even checked her blog earlier in the day to see who had won and even remember reading the name, but it did not register that *I* was the "Cathy" that won! Woohoo! Thanks a bunch, Laura. I am a new blogger and I need all the pointers I can get!

After work, I came home and DH and I went for a walk outside. It was quite lovely; a little cool-ish, but since we were walking, we didn't need jackets. When we got back home, we both worked on dinner. He grilled some bacon-wrapped sirloin (got it at Costco....DH loved them...I thought they were just ok) while I made some cucumbers with sour cream and a plate of fresh mozzarella with tomatoes drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Scrumptious!

Dishes were cleaned up and then I settled in to stitch on my next class piece, Rosewood Manor's "Gathering Flowers" linen necklace. It seems I should have gotten farther than I did; after all, I was stitching for more than 3 hours! How could I have so little to show for it? Anyway, here is my start. Class should be late this month, but it might be early next month. Watch your email box for more details. If you'd like to be added to my shop email newsletter list, please leave me a comment.

Shortly after I sat down this evening, I looked out the front window and this was the sight I beheld:

Such a view! It was the last of the sun for the day and within moments, the marvelous red was gone.

Good night. May you enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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