Saturday, July 11, 2009

My day off

Sunday and Monday is my "weekend" but on those days, I tend to be more busy than when I'm at the shop! I had so much running around to do. The shop needed a good vacuuming so that was first on my list. I moved everything and vacuumed behind it all. There were so many dust bunnies, you'd think that I hadn't vacuumed since I opened the shop! I'm pretty regular when it comes to cleaning but the floor was really dusty. Next I mopped the floor. I also did a little rearranging, so let this be your warning for your next visit to the shop! LOL

Next, it was off to the bookstore, drop off "Croakworth" at the framers (I already laced it and it just needs to be popped into the frame) and then headed on over to Kohl's. My step-kids (twins!) are coming for the Easter break and I wanted to pick up some new Easter outfits for them both. I found Jack a "big man" outfit - those matching pants-shirt-tie-vest ensembles and a new pair of shoes. Angie is getting a pretty pink and orange dress with a matching pink bolero jacket and a new pair of white sandals. The twins will look so Spring-y this coming Sunday. I remember as a kid all the excitement of getting dressed for church so we could show off our new Easter clothes.

After several more errands, I finally arrived home were I cooked dinner, cleaned the dishes and finally sat down to stitch. This is a rare occasion and I'm grateful I had the time to relax. I am working on Summer Floral Sampler by Knotted Tree. I love the vibrant silks.....they are awesome to stitch with and really pop against the drab fabric. It almost reminds me of dried soil, hardened by the sun in the dead heat of summer. Could it be what the designer was trying to portray in this design? This piece is being stitched on R&R Creek Bed Brown, 30 count with Silk N Colors and Belle Soie silks, 2 strands over 2. I'm not happy with one row of the blackbird. The silk got thin and actually broke. Now that I look at a picture of the piece from a bit of a distance, I can see that row jump out at me. It's toward the back of the bird, by his tail. Too much ground fabric shows through so I think I will frog that row and restitch with fresh silk. Take a look. What do you think?

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow is Tuesday and it will be a long day for me.....Open Stitching at the shop from 6-9pm. I really think this is my favorite day of the month! I just love to see all the projects that everyone is working on. Good night!

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