Thursday, July 9, 2009

Surrounded by frame corners!

Today I'm setting up an Excel spreadsheet with all my frame corners. Going to send this to the framer so we know what I have here in the shop. Wow, I didn't know I had so many. This just gives you all a much better selection when framing your stitched piece! Hope to finish this soon so I can move on to balancing the check book....ugh.

So far no new items by mail. UPS may still be coming. Sometimes he gets here as late as 1:30pm. Yesterday the June Cup O' Tea by Just Another Button Company arrived, along with the newest Bauble, F is for Farm and Pearls May Flowers! Also, the Just Nan Charm Garden pins came in, so those are now back in stock.

Nancy, my tote bag source, brought in some really great handbags yesterday. These are zippered bags with lots of pockets for catching all those items that seem to get lost in our purses! The outside has generous-sized front and back pockets plus a little cell phone pocket to keep the phone nice and handy. The first bag is a wonderful paisley mixture of reds, oranges and blacks. The bag size is 10"w x 7"h x 5"d. Take a peek first at the bag:

Now look at the inside:

The bottom of the bag has a nice, stabilizing insert that you can remove when you wash it. These bags are machine washable on gentle cycle.

The next handbag is fun blend of blues and tans. Again, you'll find nice outside pockets for catching those extras plus 6 inside pockets and a solid bottom insert for stabilization.

Those of you that are in the Lizzie*Kate Boo! Club auto, this is your heads-up that the last three charts will be shipping to the shop on April 1st. Once they are received in the shop, I will turn them around lickity-split and get them out to you. I know some of you are waiting with bated breath for the next charts. If you have started on your Boo! series and have a progress pic to share, please send it to me. I'd love to post your progress here on the blog for all to see.

Speaking of Lizzie*Kate, the other two designs released at Nashville have been doing really well. I still have some left in the shop. Chicky Easter would look wonderful on my front hall table for all my Easter guests to enjoy. Where in your home would it look cute? The kit includes both the fabric and buttons.

ABC Lessons has been a bit of a diversion for Linda. Here are some of the "ABC's" for you to ponder: "Accept differences, Be kind, Count your blessings". What an encouragement to stitch and look at every day!

And lest I forget, a great, big happy birthday (3/25) to my friend Art!! I know Rita's planned a wonderful day for you. Hope you enjoy your "birth" day!

Check back tomorrow for more updates! I'm expecting a new shipment so who knows what surprises await??

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