Thursday, July 9, 2009

Feeling Patriotic!

Well, lot's of new stuff came in the shop today but I've been busy with so many things today that I won't get a chance to update the website. Check tomorrow in the New Products listings. I did want, however, to show you all a piece stitched by my super-sonic speedy stitcher friend, Debbie. That girl must stitch in her sleep! She must have been feeling pretty bad for my shop walls because she offered to stitch Little House Needleworks "Sea to Shining Sea". Now, those of you familiar with this design know that this is NO SMALL FEAT. The design was released a chartpack at a time; first the border chart with the silks, then a separate chart pack with silks for each of the 5 houses. Now Debbie didn't decide to stitch this for the shop when the border chart was released. No. She started stitching it when the 4th house had been out for several weeks! She kept me up to date with her progress and would bring the piece in to the shop from time to time. She even decided to keep track of how many hours it was taking her (I think she intends to call due the favor at some date in the future)! I lost track of the hours when she was up to 89! I will have to ask how many hours total that she has in this piece and report back to you all. Anyway, in honor of her stitching prowess, I present to you her completed "Sea to Shining Sea". It is stitched as charted with those luscious Belle Soie silks on Zweigart Natural Belfast. Enjoy.

Here's an up-close view of the last two houses of the design.

Thanks, Deb! You did a wonderful job!!

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